About Fiji Chess Federation

The Fiji Chess Federation (FCF) is the national governing body for chess in Fiji. It was founded in 1979 and is a member of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The FCF’s mission is to promote and develop chess in Fiji, and to provide opportunities for players of all levels to compete and improve their skills.

The FCF organizes a number of chess tournaments and events throughout the year, including the Fiji National Chess Championship, the Fiji Schools Chess Championship, and the Fiji Open Chess Tournament. The FCF also runs a number of chess programs for children and adults, including chess classes, coaching clinics, and tournaments.

The FCF is committed to promoting chess in Fiji and to helping the country’s chess players reach their full potential. The FCF believes that chess is a valuable skill that can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds, and is excited to help Fiji Chess achieve its goals.

Here are some of the FCF’s recent achievements:

  • FCF has approximately 100 registered members.
  • The FCF has organized a number of successful chess tournaments and events, including the Fiji National Chess Championship and the Fiji Schools Chess Championship.
  • The FCF has helped to develop a number of talented chess players, including Manoj Kumar, who has won the Fiji National Championship eight times.

The FCF is excited about the future of chess in Fiji and is committed to continuing to promote the sport and develop the country’s chess players.

Here are some of the FCF’s goals for the future:

  • To increase the number of chess players in Fiji.
  • To improve the level of play among Fijian chess players.
  • To send more Fijian chess players to international events.
  • To make chess more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The FCF is confident that it can achieve these goals and is excited to see what the future holds for chess in Fiji.

"No one has ever won a game of chess by abandoning"

Savielly Tartakower
Our Team

Meet our Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee was elected in March 2023 and is due to serve a term of 12 months.

Here are some of the responsibilities of the FCF Executive Committee:

  • To develop and implement the federation’s strategic plan.
  • To manage the federation’s finances.
  • To organize and promote chess tournaments and events.
  • To represent the federation at international chess events.
  • To appoint coaches and officials for the federation’s teams.
  • To oversee the federation’s finances and ensure that they are managed responsibly.
  • To ensure that the federation complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

The FCF Executive Committee is a vital part of the federation and plays a key role in promoting and developing chess in Fiji. The committee is committed to working hard to achieve the federation’s goals and to making chess more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Here are some of the challenges faced by the FCF Executive Committee:

  • Lack of funding: The FCF is a non-profit organization and relies on fundraising to support its activities. This can be a challenge, especially during times of economic hardship.
  • Lack of volunteers: The FCF relies on volunteers to help run its tournaments and events. This can be a challenge, especially when there are not enough volunteers available.
  • Lack of awareness: Chess is not as popular in Fiji as some other sports. This can make it difficult to attract new players and promote the sport.


Despite these challenges, the FCF Executive Committee is committed to working hard to achieve the federation’s goals and to making chess more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Taione 2
CM Taione Sikivou
Mr Ryan Bale
Mr Avinesh Nadan
Vice President 1
NA William Bennion
Vice President 2
CM Goru Arvind
General Secretary
Dr Ravikesh Prasad
Executive Board Member
Mr Wayne Areki
Executive Board Member
Mr Prashil Prakash
Executive Board Member
Ms Roshika Deo
Executive Board Member